Code for Cape Town

We want to see young women empowered to leverage technology for social innovation, so that there is greater diversity in the African tech industry. We want high school girls to have an enabling environment to imagine and create new technology that is relevant to a South African context.

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Learn how to build your own websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript & JQuery. Go on to explore exciting modules from game development to user experience design.



Learn how to pitch ideas, represent yourself online, communicate professionally and work with online collaboration tools.

Problem Solving

Apply your coding skills to issues you are interested in. You will learn how to tackle complex problems using the design thinking process.


Career Guidance

Explore future options by meeting different companies doing exciting things with technology. We offer career testing and connect you to our network of study institutions and bursary programs.

Our Programme

We equip high potential female learners with the coding, problem solving and life skills that will allow them to leverage technology to contribute meaningfully to South Africa’s innovation system. The program exposes young women to how technology can be used for social innovation and helps them navigate critical study decisions.

Code4CT Curriculum

Why I Code

These videos tell the stories of young female coders who are changing the face of technology. We hope these videos inspire young women to consider tech in new ways.


Our News introduces girls to the power of coding

In an effort to encourage young people to consider careers in technology fields, Code for Cape Town has partnered with, South Africa’s largest online store, who opened its doors this week to host 40 aspiring female coders for a 3 hour introductory coding...

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Code4CT Stars

Networking skills helped land a holiday internship

Four of our learners landed the opportunity of a 2 week paid internship over school holidays. The experience pushed them to apply the skills they have learnt to business problems and to learn new skills such as AngularJS. This opportunity arose because one of the...

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Sharing our work at the UN International Data Forum

Four Code4CT girls; Charney Essack, Azraa Vally, Chelsea Lewis and Tracy-Anne Sikenjana attended the UN International Data Forum and spoke in the Celebrating Women in Data session. The girls shared their experience of working with data during the 2016 Data CodeStorm...

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