What is Why I code?


Coding has the potential of opening any door for any passion, whether be it art, music, social justice, health – anything! The incredible Code4CT alumnae and coding professionals featured on this page challenge stereotypes and push boundaries. They are not afraid to wield the power of code to pursue their dreams. After reading their stories it almost becomes impossible not to ask yourself, why don’t I code?

Malyka Rashaad


Azraa Vally


Mandisa Dlubom

“With coding, you have to think of a solution. Too many people spend all of their energy describing our problems, but do absolutely nothing about them. Having the ability to code means having the ability to conquer obstacles and actually solve problems.”

Tracy-Anne Sikenjana


“I code because I love it. I’m excited to use the skill of coding in the future as I take on the world and engage with some of the needs in our society, while realizing my dreams in the process.”

Code4CT Alumnae

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