Code for Cape Town strives to see young women empowered to leverage technology for social innovation, so that there is greater diversity in the African tech industry.  Code for Cape Town equips high potential female learners with the coding, problem solving and life skills that will allow them to leverage technology to contribute meaningfully to South Africa’s innovation system.

We teach coding

Grade 10 learners are introduced to web development and work on a real life coding project during a two week holiday program. During this time they are exposed to numerous innovative tech companies and aspirational female mentors. Following this introduction, learners gain a solid grounding in front-end web development over 6 months of weekly lessons. The course builds towards learners being able to create a data-driven web app and focuses on collaborative skills.

With a foundational knowledge of front-end web development, Grade 11 learners are afforded the opportunity to explore niche areas of the tech industry by pursuing specialisations such as front end web design, backend web development, data analysis & visualisation, and game development.

Through doing so learners are equipped with programming fundamentals and industry relevant coding skills. We aim to develop autodidactic learners who are able to further their own knowledge through independent learning.

We foster innovativeness

Throughout the program our young coders work in groups to solve real-life problems. They are exposed to an enabling professional network of tech companies, tutors, mentors and likeminded peers.

Through doing so, they foster the ability to communicate effectively, collaborate and apply critical thinking to solve complex problems. Learners perceive that they are capable of leveraging technology to create valuable solutions, and see technology as a powerful tool to create social change.

We prepare learners for a 21st century environment

Our coders are required to work in a collaborative, self-directed manner; taking responsibility for their own learning, working in culturally diverse groups, and responding efficiently to change.

Through self reflection and small group mentoring, learners are guided in developing critical life and career skills. Our framework focuses on the following life skills: Flexibility & Adaptability, Initiative and Self Direction, Social and Cross Cultural Skills, Productivity & Accountability, Leadership & Responsibility.

Through encouraging learners to embrace reflective practices, we aim to help our young coders become resilient young people who are able to thrive in a 21st century work environment.