Code4CT Team

Core Team

Emma Dicks

Founder and Director
Emma founded Code4CT as a project of Innovate South Africa in 2014. She is passionate about seeing young people create sustainable solutions to pressing problems faced in South Africa.

Andrea Petersen

Operations Lead
Andrea oversees all logistics of Code4CT; from facilitators and interns to relationships with partner organisations. As our program expands, she is also responsible for heading up Code4CT sites outside of the flagship program in Cape Town. Andrea is thrives on bringing people together and putting great ideas into motion.

Tegan Crous

Program Lead
Tegan leads the local Code4CT flagship program. She connects with and manages all flagship program recruitment, learners, partner schools and partner sites (classrooms). Tegan ran the first ever Code Camp with Emma in 2014! She is led by the desire to create opportunities for others.


Stanford University 2017

Tiara Liang Shasta Moon Gaillard

Tiara Gaillard is a third year studying Science, Technology & Society and African & African American Studies. As an intern with CODE4CT, she has pioneered our “Careers with Code” series, upgraded our bursary handbook, and contributed to fundraising efforts.

Benjamin Antin 

Benjamin is a third year student at Stanford studying Electrical Engineering. During his time at Innovate SA, he worked in helping to identify students who would thrive in the Code4CT program.

Brandon Kyle Williams  

Brandon is a Junior, majoring in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, with an Education concentration. During his time at Code4CT, he assisted with marketing and branding for The Innovation Academy, helped train facilitators for Code4CT workshops, as well as observed and constructively critiqued Power of Coding workshops.


Vicki Niu 

Vicki is a Computer Science major with a passion for introducing women to Computer Science. Vicki used her skills to help develop new lessons for Code4CT classes and developed a handbook for fundraisers.