Industry Immersions

During school holidays learners are able to spend time working alongside a code coach in various web development agencies. During this time learners work in groups on a project that puts their skills to the test.

How to become a Host Company:

  1. Check you meet the requirements below
  2. Complete the form below indicating what expertise you have, how many learners you can host, and which time you can host.
  3. We will contact you closer to the time to confirm your availability.
  4. We will send you the project brief and run a short training session to equip you with the skills you need to provide a great learning experience for young coders.
  5. You will be matched to a group of learners!

Host requirements:

  • Is there a member of your team who can act as a “Code Coach”? This person should be able to spend two or three 20-30 minute sessions with the girls per day.
  • Is there a member of your team who can act as a primary point of contact for the learners? This person will be able to communicate by email with the group to arrange their visit, and during their visit welcome them in the morning, help them find where to sit, help them if they need to know logistical details and so on.
  • Do you have a space where the learners can sit and work and at least one device for the group to use?
  • Can you provide lunch for the learners during their visit?

If you are able to host a group, please sign up below: