You can support our important work in a variety of ways. We rely on the generous contributions of like-minded people like yourself to provide girls with an engaging learning experience and valuable opportunities.

I am a Coder
I work for a Tertiary study institute
  • Encourage your students to teach in our classrooms and pay their skills forward
  • Include your study opportunities in our handbook and present them at our Careers with Code Showcase
  • Offer bursaries to learners with proven coding talent
I am a Student
I work for a Company
  • Host a group of learners in your office for 5 days for an “Industry Immersion
  • Be a Guest Speaker
  • Sponsor a “Why I Code” video and contribute to changing the narrative around what it means to be a woman in tech
  • Set a fundraising goal
  • Provide a venue for Code4CT event
  • Provide catering for a Code4CT class
I am a Woman in Technology
  • Attend a Code Conversation
  • Speak at a Code Conversation
  • Act as a chaperone at tech events and help girls feel comfortable networking
I am a Tech Event organiser
  • Offer free entry to Code4CT learners
  • Provide transport allowances for learners who attend your event
  • Encourage event participants to donate to Code4CT  – place our SnapScan code in your communications/ at your event
  • Host a Code4CT Mentorship Training session for your event attendees
I have a venue that can be used for events
  • Provide a venue for Code4CT activations
I have a laptop I no longer use
  • You can donate your old laptop to Code4CT and help us expand our reach and empower more young women. One more laptop means one more learner has an opportunity to succeed.