The success of our work depends on the support of likeminded individuals and companies who come alongside us to work towards our mission.

Find out how you can support our work as a company or individual:


Host an Industry Immersion

During school holidays Code4CT connects young coders to local tech companies where they spend 4-5 days working on a code project under the supervision of a Code Coach. The intention is that these aspiring young coders are exposed to the work environment and gain experience in a professional work setting. They will be given a project to work on during their time with you.

Host an Intro to Coding Workshop

Share the wonder of writing your first line of code by hosting a 3 hour introductory coding workshop for first time coders. This is an ideal activity for events such as Youth Month, Mandela Day, Girls in ICT Day etc.


Host a Code Conversation

Share your love for tech by hosting a 2-3 hour Code Conversation in which our team facilitates story sharing and small groups discussions between your team and young aspiring coders.

This is an ideal activity for events such as Youth Month, Mandela Day, Girls in ICT Day etc.

Email expressing your interest in hosting a Code Conversation

Host a Coding Class

Donate the use of a computer lab or training room so that we can host a module from your offices. Our modules are typically 4-6 days, either on a series of Saturday mornings or Mon-Fri during school holidays.


  • accessibility to public transport routes
  • high speed internet
  • projector

Email with the details of the space you can offer

Donate Staff Hours to our Teaching Team

Should members of your team wish to join our teaching team, you can donate their time to us.

Our teaching teams typically consist of four people who run a particular module. Modules are typically 4-6 half day sessions. Lesson content is delivered in combination through our online learning portal and through explanations by the teaching team.

Our classes typically consist of an opening energiser activity, a review of the previous week’s code challenge, an introduction to the lesson’s code challenge, a code walk-through in which a facilitator illustrates practically how to address the challenge and an overview of new theory. Thereafter, the majority of the class is spent with facilitators assisting learners as they work.


Code Coach

Students and working professionals alike can pass their coding skills forward by joining one of our Teaching Teams as a Code Coach.

We implement a blended learning environment in our classes with lessons being delivered partially through online lessons with assistance from coaches and partially through front-of-class explanations. 

Code Conversations

Share your experience and love for tech at a Code Conversations. We ask individuals to present their experience entering and working within the tech industry and to share challenges and highlights of their professional journeys. These conversations showcase the many different career options available and introduce participants to local role models who can motivate them on a personal level.


To promote careers in the tech industry we are creating profiles of how people use coding in their jobs. To feature in this publication or nominate someone you know please complete the form below. Should your story be selected, you will be contacted by our team before any material is created/shared.


Job shadowing

During high school all learners have to complete ‘Job Shadowing’ as part of their curriculum. If you are willing to host a learner for 1-3 days during the year, please add your details to this database. The database will be shared with all Code for Cape Town participants who will contact you independently to arrange job shadowing.


“On arriving at Lumkani, Francois gave me a basic background on the company, how their fire detector works and what they are currently busy with. Basically I heard a lot of phrases that I didn’t quite understand, for instance, the frequency correction device. But what I did know, thanks to Code for Cape Town’s lessons, was about Git; one thing that wasn’t completely foreign to me. But other than the incomprehensible nature of the entire room, I assembled my first circuit. It’s trickier than it sounds and much more dangerous than one would think. The job required a microscope, a soldering iron, tiny circuit elements and a bucket load of patience and concentration as it was my first time performing such a task. I found the task most agreeable and was my highlight of the day. I was given other jobs like taking measurements and help figure out a physical design for the detector,  alongside Francois. I found that engineering, namely mechatronics, is something I would really enjoy and that it is possible for us girls, we just need to go out and do it”.

Anique, Grade 12

Donate a laptop

One more laptop means one more learner has an opportunity to succeed. Donate your old laptop to Code4CT and know it will be in good hands, with bright minds.


Become a Fundraiser

As a company or an individual you can support us by raising funds on our behalf. Find out how you can run a fundraising campaign.



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