2015 has been a year of great growth at Code4CT, and we’re happy to share our news with you. 

65 high school girls attended a 2 week Code Camp

In July 2015 65 Grade 10 and 11 girls attended a two week code camp. It was a jam-packed schedule!

  • 35 hours of coding covering an introduction to HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • 25 hours of design thinking learning how to tackle a real life problem creatively
  • 13 sites built for local entrepreneurs
  • 7 hours of professional communication learning how to communicate ideas through public speaking and online video
  • 14 tutors from UCT and Brothers for All helped us learn how to ask the right questions.  Code4CT uses a blended classroom where lessons are delivered through our online classroom and tutors answer questions as needed
  • 16 female mentors who shared their journeys into tech careers
  • 8 speakers from industry who painted a picture of how broad the industry is
  • 18 hours of enrichment: Financial skills, Global Citizenship, Life Coaching, TED talks, Nutrition
  • 2 excursions – 1 day of digital media production at FUEL Online and 1 day of aviation with Sakhikamva
  • 14 hours of yoga and dance
  • Plenty of laughs, too few hours of sleep, and 64 new friends

Read more about all the activities we did on camp

Read the Impact Report to see what participants said about camp.

Camp was just the start of a learning journey

Following on from the July camp, we hosted a variety of workshops for the Class of 2015:

WordPress Workshop

The WooCommerce team and Marc Perel of Obox presented a 2 day workshop on WordPress. 

Company visits

Code4CT girls spent 2 days at companies across Cape Town, getting a feel for the industry. Read more.

Deloitte Digital Workshop

Code4CT participants learnt about designing User Experience’s from Deloitte Digital in a full day workshop hosted at Deloitte’s Cape Town office. Chris Metcalfe of Deloitte Digital took the girls through a comprehensive introduction to the concepts behind User Experience with a practical design exercise where we had to design products for the Deloitte Digital team. Read more

Women in Tech mentoring

Various female founders of tech-based companies shared their stories, describing their journey into tech, some of the challenges along the way and lessons they’ve learnt. Read more


We launched weekly code classes at the American Corner


We are proud to be a partner of the American Corner in the Cape Town Central Library. The space features high-speed wi-fi, a professional sound recording studio, a digital classroom, green screen technology, and a coffee bar – an ideal learning space.

We have been running code classes from the American Corner every Saturday in November. These will restart in January 2016.

The American Corner will be the first site of our new WebMaker Clubs. WebMaker clubs are an initiative of Mozilla Foundation in an effort to teach digital literacy. Anyone interested in starting a WebMaker club in 2016 can contact emma@code4ct.com.

Code4CT girls have attended numerous tech events

Code4CT is the launchpad for young girls to become active participants in the local tech industry. We’re really happy to see many of the Code4CT girls participating in local tech and innovation events, and thank the event organisers for generously inviting Code4CT girls.  

Girl Geek Dinner CPT

Four Code4CT girls attended Girl Geek Dinner CPT in September. Read more

Start Up Weekend CPT

A Code4CT girl attended Start Up Weekend CPT and walked away as part of the winning team with a solution to tackle shack fires. Read more. 

Innovate the Cape

Three Code4CT girls won the Innovate the Cape innovation challenge with their idea for an online kiosk at their boarding house. Read more about their project


We’re hosting a Health CodeStorm in December

From 7-9 December we are hosting our first CodeStorm in partnership with Mobenzi. Thirty Code4CT girls will receive a project brief from Mobenzi, and will spend 3 days building an app. The projects will focus on enabling health workers to better deliver pre-and post- natal care. Read more

What is a CodeStorm you might ask? It’s an event where we work in groups to code ideas into reality.

Code4CT is inspiring young women to create change in South Africa

Our vision is to inspire young women across South Africa to play an active role in using their skills to create a more equitable and just society.  We aim to show girls that technology is a powerful means of creating social change and to inspire in young women the belief that they are able to make a difference.

2016 has seen many opportunities to inspire young women beyond the participants of Code4CT as well as opportunities to share our expertise with other educators.


Two Code4CT girls talked about the website they built and their experience learning to code on South Africa’s biggest teen show, HecticNine9.

Mail&Guardian 200 Young South Africans

Yolanda Nkala, who participated in Code4CT 2014, then went on to enter Innovate the Cape, and is currently in the Code4CT Class of 2015, has been listed in Mail & Guardian’s 200 Young South Africans ‘Rising Star’ list.

GSMA Connected Women

Emma had the opportunity to discuss the skills gap and attracting girls to tech careers in a panel at the GSMA Connected Women summit.

Education Innovation Africa

We shared our expertise in teaching 21st century skills at the Education Innovation Africa conference in Nairobi. Emma presented a workshop on Teaching ICT Skills for Employment.


Code4CT featured in Marie Claire’s March issue in an article highlighting gender issues in the tech industry and Emma features in the latest December “Game Changers” issue. Thank you Marie Claire for sharing our work with your readers!

#ShineStrong campaign

Emma featured in Pantene’s latest #ShineStrong campaign, encouraging women to find their own inner strength.

COSAT valedictory

It was a huge honour to be invited to address COSAT’s matriculating class, including the girls from Code4CT’s Class of 2014, at their valedictory service. Emma encouraged the class to go out into the world and chase the dreams that scare them, to start small, and not to shy away from difficult tasks. 

Queen’s Young Leaders

Emma was one of 60 young people from the 53 Commonwealth countries to receive the Queen’s Young Leader Award from Her Majesty the Queen in June 2015. This award has provided a platform to elevate the work of Code4CT to a global stage. This award is important because it makes a powerful statement to young people who might be a little afraid to take an unconventional path and follow their dreams. The QYL Award shows young people that their work is important and is noticed.

None of this would be possible without our partners

We’d like to thank the companies who have made the Code4CT program possible in 2016.

Our lead sponsors of the July camp were Fuel, who create online training academies; Open Box Software, winners of the Discovery Healthy Company Award last year; and WooThemes, the creators of WooCommerce which powers over 30% of all e-commerce stores globally (who are now part of Automattic).

Thank you to Amazon Web Services and Jwayela Consulting for making the October workshops possible and the US Consulate for funding our programs based at the American Corner.

We are also very proud to be grantees of the esteemed DG Murray Trust.

We invite companies to partner with Code4CT in 2016.  Companies can partner with us as Curriculum Partners, co-creating modules of the curriculum; as Continued Learning Partners, recruiting alumnae into bursaries or internships; or as Health & Wellness Partners, ensuring we can create healthy learning environments. Interested partners can find more information here

The good news is that we are a recognised Public Beneficiary Organisation and can issue tax exemption certificates.

2016 promises to be an exciting year at Code4CT

Important milestones include:

  • The matriculation of the Class of 2015 (65 learners)
  • The induction of the Class of 2016 (80 learners). The Class of 2015 will be actively involved in tutoring the new class and passing on their skills.
  • The integration of a fully fledged learning management system that tracks progress of all participants
  • The phasing in of a modular curriculum allowing learners to direct their own learning path and facilitating the ability of industry to determine and co-create elements of Code4CT’s curriculum
  • The initialisation of a Stellenbosch-based campus. In 2016 we aim to see a class of 20 participants in Stellenbosch, with the aim to grow this to a full program of 60-80 participants in 2017.
  • The inauguration of a weekly self-directed learning space offered from the American Corner in the CT Central Library open to any interested female learners.
  • Multiple Webmaker Clubs hosted across the city, in partnership with Mozilla Foundation

We invite you to be a part of what Code4CT is doing in 2016!

Tutor at Code4CT

As our classes are growing, we need more and more tutors. Should you be interested in tutoring at Code4CT please sign up here

If you are interested in running a WebMaker club, teaching digital literacy and coding to high school learners, please email emma@code4ct.com for more information.

Tell the high school girls you know about Code4CT

We’ll be opening applications in early 2016. Interested girls can sign up to receive notification when applications open.

Code4CT is the ideal home for your old laptop

To enable us to offer code classes to more girls, we aim to create a portable classroom that we can move to various locations. Should you have an old laptop, please consider donating this to Code4CT.

Code4CT is the result of a community

We’ve achieved a lot in a really short space of time. That’s because of the many people who pick up the phone or write an email, offering to get involved in so many different ways. It’s because of each person in the Code4CT community that all this has been made possible. Thank you! 

To stay connected you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and find us on LinkedIn.


2016 has been a year of great growth at Code4CT, and we’re happy to share our news with you – including our new code…

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