Code4SA lead a 3 session module in which our coders were shown how to analyse, clean and categorise data relating to the South African high school pass rate, drawing together seemingly disparate information to create a story about the state of SA’s schooling system

This Open Data Module forms part of the second year of the Code for Cape Town programme.  Having completed basic web development modules, our coders go on to explore niche areas of the tech industry. These advanced modules are run in partnership with industry experts who expose our learners to their field.

Having completed the module, learners went on to participate in a hackathon run by Code4SA, Hack4Water. They worked with professionals from the fields of water and food security, developers, designers and journalists to derive solutions to the water crisis.


Code4CT learners participating in Hack4Water, a nationwide challenge to help address South Africa’s water shortages run in partnership with the Department of Water and Sanitation, along with Open Government Partnership.

The challenges the groups tackled were:

  1. What is the cost of water?
  2. Where does my water come from?
  3. What happens when the water runs out?
  4. Comparing your water usage with your previous usage and with that of you neighbours’?

Read about the solutions on Code4SA’s blog.

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