On a sunny Saturday morning, a crowd gathered on the 3rd floor of the Woodstock Exchange for a very special gathering. Here was the culmination of this year’s Code for Cape Town (Code4CT) January program. In the audience were five young women who had spent the past two weeks learning as much as they could about HTML, CSS, blogs, websites and human centered design. They weren’t only learning it for themselves though; each team was responsible for building a website for a client. These clients are young entrepreneurs from Hubspace Khayelitsha.

Below are the profiles of the teams and their clients. These profiles include the type of problems the clients sought to tackle, the team members thoughts on the project and links to the websites these women created on their own, with just two weeks of coding experience. We’re pretty impressed ourselves, to say the least.

Client Name: 18 Gangster Museum
Team Members: Phumza (18) and Nolovuyo (21)
Tackling the problem: 18 Gangster Museum tries to bring about change by discouraging gangsterism. The team wanted to bring exposure to their mission in order to promote understanding and a change of perspective on crime

“I dream of doing more websites, coding, business and becoming more confident in talking in front of people…I tell myself, ‘I can do this.’” -Phumza

Website: 18 Gangster Museum


Client Name: MGK Clothing
Team Members: Nwabisa (18)
Tackling the problem: MGK Clothing captures the essence of Khayelitsha youthful style and swagger. Nwabisa sought to take their message and merchandise for all people of the internet to see.

“I want the people to use my website and I want to make other websites. It’s hard, but rewarding. I’ve done it once, I can do it again.”

Website: MGK Clothing


Client Name: Times of Ulutsha
Team Members: Nobesuthu (18) and Nolufefe (21)
Tackling the problem: Times of Ulutsha is a community newspaper seeking to increase their exposure to their target audience. They wanted a website that allowed better connection to communities via communication.

“I’ve learned a lot from [Nolufefe]. She’s the water. I’m the fire.” -Nobesuthu

Website: Times of Ulutsha

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