Learners Anele, Sinovuyo, Malikah and Jolene generating ideas using sticky notes on how to solve their design thinking challenge

Code Camp 2018 is a wrap! Learners of diverse levels in our program spent the week going through the Design Thinking process to define how they might improve their experience in the Code4CT program. They built paper prototypes of their ideas and presented them in front of a panel of judges to practice their public speaking skills and to receive constructive feedback on how to improve their solutions.

Jacky Smith from How Might We, ran a session with our learners on how to gather feedback  from users on a paper prototype. After receiving this feedback, making sure to implement it to improve it. This component of User Experience design is a vital process that ensures that the prototype that is being built will be of practical use for it’s intended user, which in this case was Code4CT participants. 

Jacky teaching the learners about the power of receiving feedback on prototypes and how to implement feedback to improve a prototype’s usability

About How Might We

How Might We is a Design Thinking company based in Cape Town, South Africa. The team has been working together for many years, in various guises initially at Flow Interactive and then at Deloitte Digital. Now they have the opportunity to work on many different research, UX, and service design projects.

How Code4CT learners felt about their experience at Code Camp:

I have learnt what it means to think creatively and to never think in a straight line.”

“I got to build my confidence and people skills, as well as practice my design thinking.”

“I learnt that I must not fear to be the best’

“It was very helpful because schools don’t teach us how to think like this and have an open mind, also being introduced to different kinds of ideas made me feel really awesome in understanding and using the design-thinking process to solve problems.”

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