Financial worries should not deter students from pursuing higher education. There are many bursaries available to deserving students, but information about bursaries is not always to find.

During Code Camp this July, a group of Grade 10 learners in Code4CT worked to use their coding skills to create a web-based application, Bursary Finder, to help students find information about bursaries.

Bursary Finder is a web-based application that allows high school and university students to search for bursaries. Bursary Finder gives the user the name of bursary and the description. Bursary Finder also provides the users with the qualifications required, what the bursary covers, and how to apply.



Throughout Code Camp, the learners used their web development skills learnt during Code Week to create a user-friendly web-based application. The sixteen girls who developed Bursary Finder were divided into four groups to work on four different features of Bursary Finder, which were the home page, the about page, the page listing the bursaries, and the individual bursary pages.

Mihle, one of the young women who developed Bursary Finder, shared her thoughts on Code4CT: “I really like Code4CT because it helped to face my fear, which is coding. I am still learning in Code4CT, but at least now I know a few basic things regarding coding. I can create a webpage for a business, and that’s the start of my journey with IT and doing great things and improving people’s lives.” She also discussed her time at Code Camp: “Camp was very exciting and scary at the same time, especially when I knew I had to work with people that I hardly knew, but it was really fantastic. I was really inspired by coding and still want to continue with it.”

Xolani, a tutor at Code Camp, remarked on his experience working with the learners at Code Camp: “The learners were so eager to learn and always had the enthusiasm to learn new things. I remember two learners in camp. It was lunchtime, and they weren’t done with their tasks. Everyone left, but they remained behind. When I went to ask why they are not leaving for lunch, they said to me they wanted to finish their given task on time so that they sleep knowing that is minus one problem for their respective teams. That made me realise that these girls are passionate and they love what they are doing.”

The project was created in collaboration with SAEP, who have expertise in providing career guidance to South African youth and were able to offer valuable insight into the issue. Kayin from SAEP concludes, “Technology can provide significant opportunities to deliver services better, share information more widely, and provide greater accountability. Supporting young people to develop these skills is the closest thing to helping them achieve super-powers.”

We’re proud of the excellent work done by all team members: Asiphe, Avuyile, Buhle, Fatima, Lumka, Luphumlo, Mihle, Milisa, Naledi, Saarrah, Sharfaa, Sinesipho, Sonique, Unathi, Zothando

Thank you to the inspiring tutors who worked with this group: Crezelle, James, Xolani

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