WhereIsMyTransport has made a commitment to support Code4CT’s mission of fostering young female technologists by becoming an official “Friend of Code4CT”. This commitment means that WhereIsMyTransport not only provides financial backing to Code4CT, but also leverages its resources to support Code4CT’s work.

Together we can take young people where they want to go

Devin de Vries, CEO of WhereIsMyTransport, says:

“WhereIsMyTransport and Code4CT both believe in the role of technology in empowering people to get where they want to go – whether that is through information-enabled public transport or readying young female coders for a career in tech. We’re proud to support this initiative and look forward to sharing our experiences with the Code4CT cohort.”

Code4CT’s founder, Emma Dicks, adds,

“WhereIsMyTransport is such an inspiring story of a local innovation with global impact. It is hugely important that young people are exposed to this kind of success story.”

Recently WhereIsMyTransport hosted #AccessCPT, a hackathon in which teams used WhereIsMyTransport’s open platform to design solutions to improve public transport.

Three learners from Code4CT joined the hackathon as participants, two of whom were in the winning team under the guidance of their Code4CT facilitator. The team worked on a solution called FindMyTaxi, a system to connect drivers and passengers to a chatbot to give users real-time information about upcoming taxis, and notify drivers of demand en-route.

By working closely with Code4CT, companies are able to integrate young innovators into their activities. This has mutual benefit: bright young innovators are able to gain hands on experience and industry benefits from the ideas that young minds bring to the table.

WhereIsMyTransport’s commitment as a Friend of Code4CT

WhereIsMyTransport has made a commitment to Code4CT to work together to create exciting learning opportunities for young female coders. As a Friend of Code4CT, WhereIsMyTransport commits not only to a financial contribution that ensures Code4CT can offer its classes free of charge to qualifying girls, but also to leverage its resources to enhance Code4CT’s activities.

WhereIsMyTransport will actively share their team’s expertise with Code4CT coders by hosting Industry Immersions, providing event space for Code4CT events, and acting as a drop off point for laptop donations.

Become a Friend of Code4CT

“Code4CT’s success is largely due to the support we have from committed local tech companies,” says Code4CT’s founder, Emma.

“I believe that if high school girls meet exciting companies such as WhereIsMyTransport the tech industry will seem a very exciting place to be as a young woman!”

You too can support Code4CT either as a Headline Sponsor or as a Friend of Code4CT!

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