Ange Uwase is our new Head Teacher
Ange Uwase is a UCT Engineering student who is passionate about seeing young girls succeed in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths) careers. She will be fulfilling the role of Head Teacher for Code4CT in 2015. She has already been working on exciting improvements to our curriculum (keep reading) and is currently teaching the Code4CT session running from 26 Jan – 7 Feb for post-matric students (again, keep reading).

Code4CT is expanding to include 75 girls this July
Plans are well under way to run the program at three locations this July (when schools have a 3 week break) — reaching 50 more girls than last year. We’re excited to increase the number of high school girls who can experience the Code4CT program.

Our curriculum is getting even better
WooThemes, the brains behind the most popular e-commerce WP plugin, will be co-creating the WordPress component of our curriculum. Participants will learn how to create e-commerce shopfronts from industry experts.

We’re also including JavaScript right from Day 1.

We’re running a post matric program with Project CodeX
We are running a special January program to help CodeX, a coding school headed up by Elizabeth Gould, recruit female coders. In their last semester, CodeX only had one female student and they wanted that to change. CodeX ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund a Code4CT session in January for school leavers with the specific aim to recruit for CodeX.

So on Monday morning, a group of students were met at the train station by Ange holding a big sign: “Hi I’m Ange from Code4CT. Are you ready to learn to code?”

The students are all recent school-leavers who are interested in finding out about a career in tech and seeing if coding is their thing.

Code4CT’s director is to be honoured by the Queen
Emma Dicks, founder and director of Code4CT, has recently been awarded the Queen’s Young Leaders Award which she will receive in June at Buckingham Palace.

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