The Code for Cape Town program starts in Grade 10 when learners attend a two-week holiday programme that introduces them to the exciting world of coding. They learn how to create their own web applications and are exposed to a range of innovative tech companies who are using technology in really exciting ways for social innovation.

This July we will have 80 new Grade 10’s join us for this programme. After the camp they will continue to hone their web development skills over 13 Saturday coding workshops from July to November.

“What comes next?” you may ask. Here’s a glimpse into some of what our current learners are doing in their second year of the program…

Specialist Modules expose learners to different fields

With a foundational knowledge of programming and web development, learners are able to elect to gain experience and skills in niche fields of the tech industry. We partner with industry experts to make sure that these modules offer cutting edge skills.

Code4SA recently ran a module that allowed our learners to learn about the world of open data, gain data analysis skills and to utlise these skills in a government hackathon, Hack4Water.

“At today’s hackathon we’ve been introduced to so many different people with so many different skills that we can learn so much from. It makes us feel we can play an important part in this community even as young as we are we can help” 


Industry Immersions allow learners to experience the working world

During school holidays learners are able to spend time working alongside a code coach in various web development agencies. During this time learners work in groups on a project of their own choice. In preparation for July’s industry immersions, we recently ran a series of Design Thinking workshops with the service design agency, Havas Boondoggle. Boondoggle’s team guided learners through the process of developing human-centred concepts for mobile and web apps to address issues ranging from the delivery of medicine to teacher absenteeism in schools.

If you are able to host a group of 3-5 learners for one week during the weeks 27 June – 15 July, please find out more and apply as a Host Company on our website.

Career Guidance helps learners make critical study decisions

From 16 – 18 June we are holding a 3 day workshop for Grade 11 and 12 learners. Learners will receive feedback from psychometric testing which will help them identify their key aptitudes and personality traits to help make career choices. A variety of different study institutions will showcase their study options and inform the learners as to application processes. Learners will be assisted with application writing, as well as receive training in creating CV’s and managing their online personal brand. Finally, our matric students will attend a reflective music therapy workshop.

News: We’ve been selected as a beneficiary of 5forchange

We’re honoured to be listed as one 5forchange’s five beneficiaries for 2016. Every year 5forchange selects and showcases 5 inspiring organisations chosen for their unique approach to making a difference in the lives of others. We’d love to see you at the black-tie fundraising event on 2 July so get your tickets quickly!

How can you help? Donate an old laptop

To enable us to offer code classes to more girls, we aim to create a portable classroom that we can move to various locations. Should you have an old laptop, please consider donating this to Code4CT. Watch the video and find out more:


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