We’re excited to tell you about what we’ve been creating, the upcoming camp, and about making code cool on national TV.

Applications are open for Grade 10’s

We’re looking forward to welcoming a new group of Grade 10’s into the program this July.

The program will kick off with a 2 week holiday program from 4-16 July. During the first week we will learn the basics of using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery to create web apps. In the second week we will apply those new skills to real life problems. When not coding furiously, we will hear presentations from companies using technology innovatively, attend various sporting workshops and interact with mentors from the local tech industry.

Following the holiday program, participants will attend a series of 13 Saturday workshops extending their knowledge of key web development skills. Grade 10 learners who successfully complete the workshops will be able to attend various modules in Grade 11 that further develop their programming skills and expose them to various niche areas of the tech industry, from game development to user experience design.

Please share the link to the application with aspiring female coders: www.code4ct.com/apply

Applications close on 6 May.

We’ve been building maternal health apps, analysing open data sets on the state of education in South Africa and hacking solutions to the water shortage

In December we were set a challenge by Mobenzi to create apps that can help improve maternal health care. Mobenzi gave us insight into how they use technology to improve public health systems and their team guided us through the coding challenges. During the process teams got input from nurses and at the end pitched to a panel of judges. Have a look at the apps we built.

This March we learnt about the world of open data in a module hosted for us by Code4SA. The aim of the module was to equip learners with data handling skills so that they might be able to participate to the world of Open Data. The 3 part module covered finding, cleaning, analysing and visualising data. We worked towards drawing insights from a dataset on schools performance in SA.

Excitingly, we were able to participate in a hackathon hosted by Code4SA to look for solutions to the country’s water shortage. Read Code4SA’s blog to find out the solutions we worked towards.

Code4CT participants working alongside journalists, water experts, developers and designers at Hack4Water

Code4CT learners are changing the face of coding

We were invited to chat about coding on HecticNine9, South Africa’s biggest teen TV show. Tracy, Charney and Malaika spoke about the app they built to help expecting mothers through their pregnancy and spoke about their experience learning to code.

Ncebakazi & Yolanda, who have been with Code4CT since 2014, were invited to give a presentation about their app “Transport Revolution” at SciFest in Grahamstown. It was a great opportunity for Ncebakazi and Yolanda to share their entrepreneurial spirit with other young people. Ncebakazi said “My highlight was when we attended a private dinner where only the VIPs could attend. It was really inspirational and I enjoyed networking with people from across the globe. What really touched my heart was the response from a parent who heard our presentation saying, ‘If we could have more young people like you girls in South Africa, the future of this country would be in great hands.’”

We’re so proud to be part of making it cool to be a woman in tech!

We’ve been awarded a Google RISE award

We’re delighted to announce that we are one of 28 organizations in 16 countries receiving a 2016 Google RISE Award! Google has made it a priority to inspire young people to not just use technology, but to create it. Google RISE supports outstanding organizations that engage girls and underrepresented students in extracurricular computer science programs.

Code4CT is looking for tutors

We are recruiting tutors for the July holiday program. Ideally a tutor is a university student with at least one programming course. Find out more and apply at www.code4ct.com/tutor.

We are also recruiting teachers who have industry web development experience and can teach on Saturday mornings from August – November.

Code4CT is the ideal home for your old laptop

To enable us to offer code classes to more girls, we aim to create a portable classroom that we can move to various locations. Should you have an old laptop, please consider donating this to Code4CT.

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