Consulting agency, Deloitte Digital has been a #FriendofCode4CT this year by providing curriculum on User Experience Design, teaching our learners, and hosting our learners at their Cape Town offices during a Front End Web Development module that took place during the April school holidays.

The girls were tasked with creating a page for Code for Cape Town to sell merchandise and receive donations. They were welcomed by Deloitte Digital, in the beautiful Greenhouse and Lion’s Head rooms.

In the first week, Deloitte Digital’s Chris and Jen walked learners through the basics of User Experience. During the sessions they were lectured on theoretical concepts which they then applied to practical exercises.

Remarkably, they were taught User Experience entirely offline. Learners used sticky notes, whiteboard illustrations and paper drawings to build their ideas and share them with others.

During brainstorming sessions they were taught not to reject ideas, but to respond to all ideas with ‘yes, and…’. This exercise was meant to encourage the idea-sharer to elaborate on any proposal they made and to encourage the idea-recipient to identify the positive aspects of any idea.

During the last two days, the students were taught to create prototypes of websites. After this, the learners consulted with ‘clients’ to get their opinions on the web design. Clients were Deloitte Digital employees who volunteered their time to coach the Code4CT girls!

When asked about the module, the girls had the following to say:

“These past two weeks have been amazing! I especially enjoyed being taught about User Experience. Not only does it help in the tech world but in life as well. The facilitators were great, it was nice working with them. I can’t wait for the next holiday programme.”

Faith, Gr11*

“Being able to code websites for clients is the best experience one can have. The knowledge that we acquire rests with us for the rest of our lives. With such an opportunity one is grateful for the connections with people in high places that come with it.”

Zizipho, Gr11*

*Quotes edited for grammar, clarity and conciseness

Deloitte also made a large financial donation. In total Deloitte has helped Code4CT reach over 20 learners with coding for a total of 500 hours.

Code for Cape Town looks forward to continuing to work alongside Deloitte Digital to empower young women through technology!

Follow this link to find out how YOU can become a #FriendofCode4CT.

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