Four of our learners landed the opportunity of a two week paid internship over school holidays. The experience pushed them to apply the skills they have learnt to business problems, as well as learn new skills such as AngularJS.

This opportunity arose when one of the learners attended a Girl Geek Dinner in November, where she met the owner of e-magination a company which uses Excel to develop powerful BI tools for financial managers.. He mentioned that they offered internships and one bold email later she was organising holiday internships for herself and Code4CT friends.

The group spent two weeks at e-maginationwho also sponsors tickets to the dinners for school-goers.

“The experience was great learning for me more so than them. I got to see what I haven’t seen in many years – that these girls are willing to face any challenge to get to where they want to be. Their tenacity in facing what was really an almost impossible challenge was super encouraging. I did feel that at moments I may have been a little too tough in wanting to give them a real, real world working experience. They showed such great skills and really had a unique way of solving the problems and challenges I gave them. In the end, they learnt a new skill and programming language in three days and were able to develop a working and functional application from that. I wish I could lay claim to their rapid learning but it was all them and the foundation and work that you and your team had been preparing them for. It would be a great honor if I could provide similar opportunities throughout this year.”

 – Richard Bezuidenhout, Founder of E-magination

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