Mandisa, Sinazo, Babalwa and Kamogelo’s solution claimed 2nd prize in the event and took home R3500.


Four women in the Code4CT family formed a team and entered the UCT Women in Computer Science hackathon. Mandisa and Babalwa are both alumnae who have gone on to become Code Coaches, and Sinazo and Kamogelo are Code Coaches.



During the 24 hour event, teams were challenged to create a tech based solution to issues around Mental Health and Wellness.

The team created a website to drive awareness of mental health issues. The team explains that “since mental health is a sensitive issue we created our website to help form a community where the users feel in control, welcomed and in the presence of positivity and a growth mindset.”



The website’s name was Memeza. “We chose this name because it means to shout out loud, speak out and just encourages one to take a stand. We felt strongly about this name because we believe that as we are few women in tech, we should stand together and help each other grow where we can and all push to better our skillsets, learn new skills and also command to be heard.”



The root of the team’s success? “Our success lay in the way we worked well as a group, we communicated transparently and respected each other’s skillsets”.



“The most important thing though is that we learnt a lot about each other, had lots and lots of fun and bonus got the second prize. We plan to continue to attend events like this one and just keep on supporting each other as young woman in tech.”


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