“We are so excited to be supporting this amazing institute that teaches high school girls to problem solve and code, and look forward to spending a day with these learners at our joint workshop.” – Aerobotics Team


The workshop allowed program participants, young women in Grade 9 with limited exposure and knowledge of coding, to understand how learning computer languages such as Java could be used to solve pressing problems, such as in the farming industry.

The participants were able to take part in Code Conversations and enjoyed problem-solving challenges, as well as become familiar with how website are built through front-end languages such HTML, CSS, and JAVAscript.



They were then visited by Nick, Garth, and Jamie, from the Aerobotics team to further understand the scope of both coding, artificial intelligence, and technology at large, through an interactive presentation by the company. The team explained the goals of their company, the tools and device they use to help deliver their services, and had a lively Q&A session with the girls who were able to see and hold a drone.


About Aerobotics

Aerobotics is an aerial data-analytics company that is changing how farmers are able to manage their crop performance, and is innovating the future of farming. Through the use of drone imagery and data analytics, the company is able to providing meaningful data to farmers to allow them to optimise: resource inputs, directed scouting, early problem detection, and yield production.


10% of South Africans are formally employed in agriculture, and over 60% of Africans at large are living in rural areas and heavily dependant on agriculture, making any changes in agricultural production an important and needed aspiration.  


Overall, the workshop was a success, with young women being able to have a large take-away of knowledge, and Code4CT and Aerobotics building a wonderful relationship.


In addition, Code4CT would like to formally thank Aerobotics for their generous donation made towards our organization on Mandela Day.



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