Laptop donations

Girls with high potential to code are everywhere. We want to bring our classes and resources to them, wherever and whenever. Help us realize our goal for a portable classroom to expand our reach and empower more young women.

One more laptop means one more learner has an opportunity to succeed. Donate your old laptop to Code4CT and know it will be in good hands, with bright minds.


Drop off options

  • Code4CT office (403 Old Castle Brewery, 6 Beach Road, Woodstock; call 021 6850991 to arrange)
  • Where is My Transport (22 Jarvis St, Green Point, Cape Town, 8001; call 021 418 2733 to arrange)


Thank you to each generous donor:

  • Carina Viljoen
  • Deirdre Pieterse
  • Liz Wonnacott
  • Rob MacMahon
  • RAS Accounting – 3 laptops
  • Anonymous, who quotes “‘The doors of learning and culture shall be opened’ The Freedom Charter, 1955”
  • Eighty20 – 11 laptops
  • Jenny Radloff – 6 laptops
  • Lauren Antrobus
  • Sarah Gould
  • Michelle Hoogenhout
  • Katy Rennie
  • Alexey Cherkaev
  • TNS – 18 laptops
  • Shannagh Hare
  • Automattic – 3 laptops
  • Kelsey Merkley
  • Superbalist

“Eighty20 is proud to be supporting Code4CT’s mission to empower young high school girls with coding, design thinking and problem solving skills – three skills that are highly valued at our company. As an office of around 30 people it was easy to find 12 unused laptops to donate so we would really like to encourage other companies, both big and small to also get involved in Code4CT’s laptop drive.” Andrew Fulton, Director of Eighty20

What happens once the laptops reach Code4CT?

We let our IT partner work their magic to ensure it’s in perfect working order.

If you’d like to make a cash donation towards insurance and maintenance, this will further the impact of our work.

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