Code Week

Dates: 4-8 July

Venues: American Corner (Cape Town Central Library); Cape Town Science Centre (Observatory) ; Makupula High School (Kayamandi)

Participants: Grade 10 female learners


Code Week is an intensive learning experience for Grade 10 female learners who are interested in learning to code and using technology for innovation.

  • Coding: Learn how to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create websites
  • Creative Problem Solving: Learn how to apply the Design Thinking process to tackle complex problems creatively and develop innovative solutions.
  • Industry insight: Hear presentations from local companies who are using technology innovatively.
  • Network: Meet likeminded girls who are interested in using technology to create change in South Africa.

A full description of learning outcomes is given below.


Cost: R2400 (includes tuition, catered lunch and snacks, branded apparel)

Scholarship: Scholarships are made available to eligible candidates. Learners who wish to apply for a scholarship should complete the application form and select that they need a scholarship. The initial application will be followed by an online test to assess your potential as a coder.

Application: Grade 10 female learners can apply through the online application form.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Broad understanding of the role of a web designer and web developer
  • Basic understanding of world wide web structure
  • Basic understanding of browser request cycle
  • Understanding of client side languages and their role in a webpage (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Be able to create a basic webpage using HTML and CSS
  • Be able to apply computational thinking in problem solving 
  • Understand basic javaScript syntax, formatting and best practices 
  • Using console.log() and other built-in methods in debugging, speeding up the feedback loop
  • Understand the different types of variables and how to work with them
  • Be able to perform basic maths operations with javaScript
  • Understand conditional statements
  • Be able to write effective conditional statements using comparison and logical operators
  • Understand javaScript functions (anonymous, declared)
  • Understand the importance of functions in keeping code DRY
  • Be able to write basic functions with parameters, variables, and return values
  • Understand the different types of loop (for, while)
  • Be able to work with a loop and break out of it
  • Understand an array
  • Be able to iterate through an array and search it
  • Be able to apply the Design Thinking process to a complex problem and create an innovate solution
  • Be able to work in a diverse team