Fast Company Magazine featured Emma as one of South African’s Top 20 under 30 years old in their July 2017 issue. The article explores how Code4CT is making career opportunities in Tech for young women and the journey the organisation has had over the past 3 years.

Below is an excerpt from the article.

“I really admire people who have the ability to identify a problem and use their unique skill sets to do something about it.”   

Through her organisation, Dicks aspires to increase the number of young African women creating technology, especially for social innovation. Her long-term plan is to have coding schools across major African tech-hubs with inter-regional exchanges of young people who are all building technology. She believes that once this happens we will start to see all sorts of positive ripple effects such as more female-led businesses and African-built start-ups.

“Every time I walk into a company where there’s a bunch of white males building software, it motivates me even more to see my girls there too, having the same strategic impact.”

The article can be found on page 52 – 53. Read the full magazine and article here.

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