On Monday morning, a group of 11 female students were met at the Woodstock train station by Code4CT teacher Ange Uwase holding a big sign: “Hi I’m Ange from Code4CT. Are you ready to learn to code?”The girls are all recent school-leavers who are interested in finding out about a career in tech and seeing if coding is their “thing”. This January our Code4CT program has a special mandate – to recruit top candidates for Codex, a coding school headed up by Elizabeth Gould. In their last semester, CodeX only had one female student and wanted to increase its number of female participants. CodeX ran a successful crowdfunding campaign to fund a special Code4CT session in January for school-leavers. The idea behind Code4CT is not to code for the sake of coding, but to code to create solutions. So yesterday our participants were given a challenge – create a webpage for a small business that does not have one. The clients we’re building sites for are small business owners who are running exciting initiatives but do not yet have a website for their businesses. These entrepreneurs all hail from Khayelitsha and are part of the incubator, Hubspace Khayelitsha. The girls learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript and apply everything they know to this challenge. By doing so, participants learn how to approach a problem and design with the end user in mind. The Code4CT girls were split into groups and assigned to their clients on Tuesday, when they began conducting initial research on their client’s businesses, trying to understand who the clients are and how a website could communicate the business’s value offering to these clients. Today was the exciting moment when groups interviewed their clients.

#CODE4CT participants interviewed the clients for whom they will be building Web pages. A photo posted by Innovate South Africa (@innovate_sa) on

A #CODE4CT group interviewing Ayanda from Times of Ulutsha.

A photo posted by Innovate South Africa (@innovate_sa) on

We’ll keep you posted with information as we progress!

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The program is running from 26 January to 7 February in the computer lab at the Bandwidth Barn in the Woodstock Exchange.

All are welcome to the Final Presentations at the Barn on 7 Feb; 10am to 1pm. Event info.

Contact: Emma Dicks (Founder and Director of Code4CT) on emma@innovatesa.org

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